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Biography: Mike Broadway is a Sheriff's deputy and currently resides in Panama City Florida.  He and his wife have a son and a daughter, and now they have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law plus two wonderful grandsons!


     My mom had been in the hospital for almost a week; A stroke brought on by an aneurysm on the brain, and family members were called in because of the graveness of the illness.
     On December 1, 1986, I didn't know Jesus, however, the next day, I along with my wife, were born again and accepted Jesus as our Savior.
     Since 1975, I've supported my family by being employed as a police officer.  I'm now a Sheriff's deputy.  ON the evening of December 1, 1986, it was reported to the Sheriff's office that a twin engine plane had crashed in my zone, and I was called out to assist in the search.  We were informed that local Evangelist Charlie Fowler was the only person on board the plane, which went down in a wooded area about eight miles from the airport.
     Search parties were called off about 1:00 a.m.  Some family members and friends continued their search all night.  The next morning the weather was still foggy, and it wasn't until the weather cleared that an Air Force helicopter was sent to the area.  Knowing truly that we were not going to find the pilot alive, I really didn't know what events would be taking place in the next few hours, months and years to come.
     About fifteen hours had passed since the crash, and when the helicopter pilot located the downed plane, I was closest to him.  With the helicopter hovering overhead, rescue personnel, including myself, began to run through the woods to reach the plane.
     Keeping in mind I was expecting to find death, instead I found life.  The pilot was ejected from the plane upon impact, and was lying on his back with a large tree over him.  His face, legs and body were a real mess, but somehow he managed to lift an arm in a waving motion, and at this point I screamed into my portable radio: "HE'S ALIVE, HE'S ALIVE!" In a very short time, many other officers along with T.V. and news crew people were on the scene.
     The family members and other praying people were calling this a miracle.  This being the month of Christmas, the excitement was very high; these people were very happy that God had indeed supplied them with a miracle!
     That afternoon when everyone had left the crash site, there was a desire in my heart to help this mutilated, banged up pastor, who was just barely holding on to life itself.  I believed the Bible was the tool of his trade and I spent and hour and a half looking for the pastor's Bible.  The plane had destroyed a path approximately one hundred and fifty yards long, and as I looked under metal and tree limbs, I remember looking very close and hard for his Bible.  Though the Bible was never found (and he did have a pocket-size Bible), during the search, I realized the reality of a true and living God.  It was at this time I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart.
     I had indeed been right in the middle of a true to life miracle of God; right in front of my eyes!
     The family members of Reverend Fowler believed God, and though Satan made an attempt on his life, he did not succeed.  The family received their miracle!
     Now only being a believer for a few hours, I drove to the hospital and shared with my wife and mother that through all of this, I really believed there was a God! I had been raised in the church, therefore, I had heard about Jesus; however on this day I accepted him into my heart.  As the Fowler's received their miracle, I received min the next morning.  You see, my mother was released from the hospital--healed! No surgery, no aneurysm, and was walking on her own two months later!
     Three months after we were born again, we received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I while on duty, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and my wife at a Holy Ghost Rally.  Four days later I had a supernatural experience and the Lord told me in an audible voice to "GO OUT INTO  THE WHOLE UNITED STATES, SPREAD THE WORD AND THE GOSPEL AND LET NO MAN INTERCEDE."  I promised I would.
     Since theat time in March, 1987, the Lord has given me several dreams and visions and uses me in all the gifts of the Holy Ghost.
     In one dream I saw Jesus sitting on a rock.  He asked me: "DO YOU KNOW WHY I HAVE TO DO THE THINGS I DO AND THE WAY I DO THEM?" I said no, and He said "I'LL SHOW YOU." And He's been showing me ever since. We are blessed to see people saved, miracles, healings, words of knowledge and all the gifts of the Holy Ghost working in our services.  Truly, the Lord always confirms his word.
     In 1987 the Lord sent me to the courthouse to prophesy to a local Judge.  This Judge knew it was the Lord and since then she has turned her life around and is living for the Lord and professing his name everywhere she goes, including her courtroom.  She has seen many miracles in her life and career since.  The Lord always confirms his word.
     One service we prayed for a pregnant lady.  The Lord had a good word for her and her unborn baby.  Three months later we received a phone call.  That mother said her baby was going to die.  The doctors said there was nothing they could do.  We traveled 100 miles to pray for that little baby.  While we were praying the Lord spoke and said "YE SHALL SEE HER BIRTHDAYS." After that, she got worse.  For 28 days we prayed while she was in intensive care.  The Lord always confirms his word.  In November 1990, she had her first birthday and is doing fine.
     On Father's Day 1990, in church with 700 people there, the Lord revealed thru me, that a man there thought he was having a heart attack and he would take care of it.  No one came forward to be prayed for.  A few minutes later we found out that he was in the bathroom (having a hart attack).  He was taken to the hospital and later that afternoon was totally healed and back in church that night.  The Lord always confirms his word.
A local police chief and his wife were at our house one night.  She was having chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack.  We prayed for her and the Lord spoke thru me and said "IT WASN'T HER HEART BUT A SPOT ON HER RIGHT LUNG AND HE WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT." (The Lord gets very precise sometimes.)  Two days later she was taken to the hospital with a heart attack.  They ran tests and found no problems with her herat but found a blood clot on her right lung.  When they went in to remove it (it was so serious they had to do it immediately), the couldn't find it.  It was gone, Praise God!  The Lord always confirms his word.
     These are just a few of the miracles the Lord has performed thru our ministry.  There are hundreds more just like these.  We always give the Lord Praise and Glory for without Him we are nothing and truly the Lord always confirms his word!
     My wife and I, and our two children, Kevin and Crystal, are all saved, and we unite ourselves with other believers each week for fellowship and thanks to our Father for his daily walk with us. We are traveling all over the United States spreading the Word and Gospel, seeing people saved, filled with the Holy Sprit, healed and receiving their miracles with the Lord confirming his word every day.  We also minister at the local Rescue Mission every week.
     Friends, if you don't know Jesus, no matter what you are facing, let Him come into your heart and he will provide you with your miracle, if you will only believe.  "BECAUSE HE LIVES, I LIVE, and now I can face tomorrow."
    Since December 2, 1986, the Lord has mightily increased our family.  We would like to share all of our testimony and the Word with you!



If we can be of any service to you, from speaking in your church to praying and believing with you on the phone, please contact us anytime.

Mike Broadway
206 N. Hwy 22-A
Panama City, Florida 32404

Mike Broadway and Ralph Marinacci (FGBMFI Director)

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