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Florida Men's Advance (Nov. 1-3)

Outstanding speakers included Rev. Troy L Miller, Cecil O. Kemp Jr., Rey Soto, Dr. Charles E. Flynn, and Dr. James Maloney.

To start the weekend off right, Rev. Troy L. Miller delivered a powerful message that God still has "Plan A" and not "Plan B" for His people, regardless of past mistakes.  The altar call was anointed and touched a wide group of people.  Cecil Kemp shared testimonies that encouraged the people.  Rey Soto taught on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and followed the teaching by leading the group into a prayer session where each individual prayed in tongues and then gave an interpretation that was edifying and glorifying to God.  Dr. Chuck Flynn and Dr. James Maloney provided some anointed teaching and prophetic messages from the Lord to individuals.  The weekend gathering ended with these two laying hands and praying a blessing upon each individual. Orlando (from the Miami area) translated each message into Spanish for the many Spanish-speaking individuals that attended the advance.

Rev. Troy L. Miller  - Apostle Troy L. Miller, D.D., an anointed minister of the Gospel, is the pastor of Potter's House Interdenominational Global Ministries in Wildwood, Fl.  Beginning in 1968 in the area of evangelism, he has served the local church as a youth minister, Christian education director, and minister of music.  In August of 1999 he birthed the ministry that today is known as Potter's House.  Apostle Miller is chancellor for Christian Life School of Theology.


Cecil O. Kemp Jr. - Cecil, a longtime resident of Nashville, TN, worked a quarter century in the business world as a CPA, corporate executive of a publicly held company, and cofounder of a successful financial and investment services company.  Introspection from a near fatal automobile accident in 1993, and the unexpected death of his father in 1995 led him to sell his businesses in 1998 to pursue inspirational writing, speaking, publishing, and ministry.  He is the author of over 20 books.

Rey Soto - A self-made businessman, Rey grew up the car business as a salesman and would later own several automobile agencies, including a recreational vehicle business.  The Holy Spirit had been after him for years when in 1978 he gave his heart to Christ while watching Robert Schuller.  He was born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and "a wire put in his hand that gave him a strong desire to do whatever the Holy Spirit told him to do."

Dr. Charles E. Flynn
- Dr. "Chuck" Flynn has a ministry which combines rich teaching with a unique Word of Knowledge to edify the Body of Chirst.  He speaks all over the United States and the world, conducting converences and seminars.  Churck has attended the Presidentail Prayer Breakfasts of both Washington D.C. and Seoul, Korea.  While employed as McDonnell Douglas, he worked on the Saturn-Apollo rocket and the building of the DC-10 Airbus.

Dr. James Maloney
- Dr. James Maloney, president of the ACTS Group Internatonal, has traveled extensively for 25 years in America and abroad with a prophetic/apostolic flow.  James serves as director of Prophetic Ministries and as an instructor at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.



Directions to Lake Yale Baptist Campgrounds

Pictures of the Friday night meeting

Many, many people came forward for prayer ministry as Rev. Troy Miller concluded his message

Rev. Troy Miller prays for indivduals

The music provided by this Music Group from the Potter's House was anointed!  They have been playing together for a long time.

Prayer by Dr. Maloney and Dr. Flynn for everyone after their message, just prior to the close of our gathering.


Doug with Orlando, the excellent Spanish-to-English translator for each of the main speakers and many of the shorter testimonies.


The trio: Nicolas Venegas (from North Broward), Celio Fonseca (Boca Raton), and Doug Woolley (Tampa)

Celio Fonseca (President of a Portuguese Textile Company) with Doug.  This was Celio's first FGBMFI Men's Advance and he liked it!

Pictures of the Advance Area